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In Which Cases Can an Auto Body Parts SupplierHelp Me Save My Transmission?

Today, the vehicle specialists of the auto body parts supplier Cliff's Auto Repair will draw your attention to one of the most common and irritating problems every driver experiences: transmission failure. We will outline 9 of the basic reasons why you may encounter transmission problems. Read further if you are interested to find out what they are.

  1. Low transmission fluid – This can be caused by leaks, and results in slow shifting and gear slippage.

  2. Issues with the torque converter – The torque converter pressurizes automatic transmission fluid. A damaged or worn converter makes grinding noises and affects proper operation.

  3. Driving style of the vehicle owner – It may sound funny but this is actually a factor which influences the wear of transmission. Improper shifting and aggressive driving can cause a transmission failure. A thing to avoid is shifting a vehicle while it is moving forward.

  4. Transmission overheating – The main cause for it may be low amounts of fluid or heavy tow load. Overheating makes the transmission seize and often requires a total replacement.

  5. Clutch issues – The symptoms include harsh shaking and high heat levels. Significant drop in power output is a good indication of clutch problems.

  6. Solenoid issues – The solenoid controls transmission fluid flow. Solenoid problems may be mistaken for low or leaking fluid problems.

  7. Used vehicle history – Second hand cars should be inspected by an auto body parts supplier or a transmission specialist before you start driving.

  8. Worn gears – Vehicle gears can wear over time. If you maintain them on a regular basis, they will stay in good working order.

  9. Faulty wiring – Transmissions operate on a series of linkage connections. Any system breakage can lead to a total transmission failure.

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