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How to Troubleshoot Auto Electrical Issues.

Before you even realize your car is having a problem, the check engine light will illuminate on your dashboard. Most drivers get nervous when this happens, but the truth is, this is actually a very useful feature of today’s vehicles. The check engine light is designed to come on immediately after an electrical problem has been discovered. This gives you time to fix the problem before major damage occurs, so expensive auto repair services are avoided

Here are the most common auto electrical issues.

1. Misfiring Spark Plugs.
One of the reasons the engine light goes on is a misfiring spark plug. This can happen for a number of reasons, including a broken or damaged wire, worn out spark plugs, problems with the ignition system, etc. What car owners can do, is check the spark plugs. If at least one of them is wet or burnt, consider replacing all of them. However, if the spark plugs look good and there is no sign of physical damage to the wiring system, then you need to call a quality auto repair service.

2. Broken Catalytic Converter.
This is bad news as catalytic converters are pretty expensive. This is because they contain a precious metal (often platinum) which converts harmful emissions left over from combustion into less harmful gasses. Replacing it, however, is not so difficult, so at least you won’t be charged too much for the labor.

3. Faulty Oxygen Sensor.
This sensor is located on the exhaust pipe of your vehicle and it measures the amount of unburnt oxygen coming from the engine. This information is critical as it dictates how much fuel needs to be mixed with air in the combustion chamber. A broken oxygen sensor often results in a drop in the car’s gas mileage.

These are just a few of the most common car repairs that require professional assistance. For any of these problems, contact Cliff's Auto Repair at (407) 297-8868. They are one of the best auto repair services in Orlando, FL. Choosing them gives you a guarantee that the job will be done by experts in the most professional manner possible.

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