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When Do You Need to Refer to a Quality Collision Repair Provider?

Auto accidents are, unfortunately, a very common problem on the US roadways. Thousands of vehicle owners around the state demand insurance money to cover their collision damages. Based on the data received from local motor-vehicle insurance companies, we have detected the most common damage types, which car owners need to fix, with the help of a collision repair services specialist.

Front End Parts and the Likelihood of Their Damage

  • Front bumper – 28%
  • Headlights – 21%
  • Grille – 20%
  • Hood – 10%
  • Air conditioner/Heater – 10%
  • Cooling system – 5%

Center Parts and the Likelihood of Their Damage

  • Fender – 21%
  • Rear door – 7%
  • Front door – 4%
  • Airbags – 3%
  • Roof – 2%

Rear End Parts and the Likelihood of Their Damage

  • Rear bumper – 20%
  • Wheels – 15%
  • Tail lights – 9%
  • Trunk Lid – 5%
  • Exhaust – 2%

The repair work and the replacement parts,which are necessary to fix any of the above mentioned problems, may be expensive. This is why most vehicle owners prefer to call their insurance companies before visiting their local auto body shop. This is due to the fact that insurance agencies tend to cover repairs only if they are done with a certain vehicle repair garage they work with, regardless of the price difference.

If you want to get quality collision repair services, however, you should consider visiting Cliff's Auto Repair, of Orlando, FL. In the ideal case, we will be the auto body shop cooperating with your insurer. If not, we will make sure to provide you with affordable replacement parts and workmanship, so that you do not feel ripped off when you need a full auto body repair.

Of course, dealing with insurers is not the only concern you will have after you have been involved in a road collision. If there are injured people or you have become a victim of someone else’s negligence, this is already considered a personal injury case. This means that you will have to contact an attorney before negotiation with your insurers or the insurance company of the other party involved. If you win a monetary settlement to cover all your case-related expenses, you have the absolute freedom to choose the collision repair services garage you prefer!

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