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A Few Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Collision Repair Service.

Unfortunately, car accidents happen more and more often, even with all the regulations and technological advances around us. Although there are many ways to prevent accidents, people still remain negligent when driving. For this reason, the chances you may be involved in an accident which has nothing to do with you or your driving skills, are very high. This being said, we urge you to find a good collision repair service provider, even though you don’t need one at the moment. It’s always good to be prepared for the worse.

Follow our guidelines in order to find the best contractor for the job.

1. Do Some Research.
Word of mouth is the best way to find a good auto repair shop. Unfortunately, not everyone has friends or family members that have used such services before, so it doesn’t always work. A sure way to find a reliable company is by asking your insurer. They work in the business, so they have connections with collision repair service providers.

2. Ask the Right Questions.
There are a few questions you must ask your auto collision repair service provider before you hire them. The answers to these questions won’t influence your decision much, but they will prove to be extremely useful when the bill for the repair comes.

  • Has the frame of my car been bent?
  • How long will it take for you to fix my vehicle?
  • Are replacement parts required?
  • Has the paint job been affected beyond repair?
  • Will the parts be new, used or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

3. Get Estimates
It’s very important to ask for estimates from more than one collision repair service provider. This will give you the chance to compare the services, prices and the quality of the parts they use. Keep in mind that going with the lowest price isn’t always a good idea. Cheap rates often means poor services or low quality spare parts.

Cliff's Auto Repair is a reputable auto body shop which offers the best collision repair services at the most reasonable rates. If you’re looking for a true mechanic in Orlando, FL, call (407) 297-8868 and have the best one at your disposal.

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