Would You Like to Restoration You Old Family Car and Look Like a New?

Based in Orlando, FL, our family owned auto body shop has dedicated itself to providing superb car restoration services for your vehicle! We are fully licensed and insured – no need to worry about the results of our work, we always deliver the best results. How do you know if your car needs some freshening up?

Well here are few examples:

– torn seats– cloudy and foggy headlights– rusty parts near wheels and bumpers– cracked, dashboards– gritty parts under the hood

– and other car elements subjected to daily wear and tear!

The highly trained professionals here at Cliff's Auto Repair, are standing ready to take a look at your car, and return it to its previous glory! Usually when you are looking for an auto body shop that delivers professional auto restoration service always make sure that they do exactly that: auto restoration. Restoration is often confused with the term “restomod.” A restomod has parts of the car as they were when the car was first offered for sale as well as significant changes (updates). If any part of the car is updated, the car has been “remodeled,” and not restored. Restoring a vehicle requires the absolute brand new parts that this car once had and if it’s too old the chances of finding the specific part, will be slim to none.

At Cliff's Auto Repair in Orlando, FL, we make it our personal quest, to find the parts needed in order for real restoration.

In addition to our restoration services, our auto body shop offers oil changes, collision repair, complete auto repair, and tuning services. We will not only fix your car, but make it run as it did before. We work with competitive, budget friendly-prices that are guaranteed not to upset your checkbook – and we offer a hefty discount on all major repairs.

Our working schedule is as follows: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Call now and receive a free estimate from a proven auto body shop for your car restoration services needs! (407) 297-8868