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Cliff's Auto Repair
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 6 reviews
by Sandy S on Cliff's Auto Repair
Outstanding Body Repair Work!

I brought my 2012 Honda CRV in for front end damages. On my first visit to Cliffs Auto Repair, Jaime, the owner was very kind and friendly. He explained what needed to be repaired just by looking at my vehicle. I dropped it off on a Monday and it was ready that Friday. They even restored my headlights to brand new! Shout out to Jaime and his whole team. Thank you, Sandy

by Max G. on Cliff's Auto Repair

I drove my car over so many pot holes, even I lost count. The vehicle was still functioning, but I could tell that something was wrong with my wheels. It was feeling all wobbly, and I wanted to have it fixed. I started asking around for a professional auto repair service provider that did wheel work and found your shop; thank you very much for everything!

by Connie R. on Cliff's Auto Repair

After driving for nearly two years without a problem, my Toyota started making these very weird noises under the hood. I don't know how to open my trunk, let alone determine what was wrong – I decided to call to my best friend, and after explaining my situation, he sent me a link to your remarkable auto repair service provider. Ever since I visited your shop, I haven't had any problems with my vehicle at all, thanks!

by Gina H. R. on Cliff's Auto Repair
Thank you for the fast work!

My husband bought me a car a while back and asked me to have it properly maintained every year. After the shop I visited before it closed down, I started looking for a reliable auto repair service provider. I am very happy to have found you – your experts did a swift and splendid job, my car drives so much better now!

by Roger Mills on Cliff's Auto Repair
Amazing job.

I was trying to park next to a department store, when a female driver decided to pass way too fast beside me. The front left side of my vehicle was crumpled like paper, and all I could think was “how the hell am I going to deal with this”. After settling the insurance stuff with the newbie driver, I decided to look for a reliable auto repair shop. After searching for a collision mechanic on Google, the name of your website came out! When I first saw my car after you were done with it, I couldn't believe my eyes – it was amazing! Outstanding work guys, thank you!

by Dean Roberts K. on Cliff's Auto Repair
Superb work!

My sister wanted to go out with her friends one day, and despite my reluctance, I decided to give it to her ( after all, it was her birthday); however, she returned it with the left side of it scratched out completely. I immediately sat down and started looking online for a professional auto repair shop that did painting as well. Thank God I found you guys – my car looks like nothing had ever happened to it, thank you!

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